aromatherapy blends

Oils can be prepared for relaxing baths, massage, for muscular aches/pains, rheumatism/arthritis, or simply for sore/tired feet! Lotions and potions can also be made up for a person’s health; examples include the skin, feet, and scalp.

holistic massage

This is a more vigorous massage using deeper tissue manipulation. Relaxes and energies bodily systems. Eases tense muscles, especially good for sports people. Essential oils may or may not be used.



A gentle massage using essential oils. These oils are therapeutic; promote healing, relaxation, physical and emotional well-being. This type of massage is also useful to relax and ease tense, sore, stiff muscles after exercise.

indian head massage

Works on the main areas of tension incorporating Swedish massage techniques on the head, scalp, shoulders, upper arms, neck, upper back and face, relaxing body and mind, increasing energy levels through the unblocking of blocked energies by way of light pressure on the meridians or energy channels on the face.

reflexology massage

ReflexologyGentle manipulation of the feet or hands by massage and light pressure. Promotes bodies own healing and improves circulation. Is relaxing and calming.